Hey Guys, Welcome to my blog- Online Money Seekers.com I’m so happy that you guys clicked on this page to learn a little about us… I know that right now, you would want to know everything about Online Money Seekers and everything that we do, but first, we’d like to share with you about who we are individually and our story of what led us to where we are today.


Hi there, I’m JOSH! Welcome to our blog! and I’m a hustler grinding my hustle daily. I am a young adult who graduated from university in Agus. of 2015. I am a son, brother, and boyfriend. I own and manage onlinemoneyseekers.com

This is me. I guess you can say I’m cute 🙂


My story

Right before I graduated from uni I’m always searching for a way to make money online. I started with the survey taking, giving my option to businesses. It wasn’t paying a lot but it was something then. Thereafter, I was introduced to the freelance landscape and that is how I started my first business Telfold offering social media service to small business. I still run my social media agency platform. I made decent money from Telfold but that wasn’t it. I was always working. Serving my client need day and night. I needed something that won’t take so much of my time. Then, the idea of creating a passive income was appealing to me but everything I tried failed but I kept on trying. Bought lots of ebook, different courses and programs. I was lost and almost lost my business to passive income. Spending lots of money on differents programme and this goal seem unattainable day by day. But I still never give up. I eventually figured it out how to build a passive income stream. Presently I only put in little hours weekly and I keep on reap my effort over and over. This might sound too good to be true. You just need to find what works and put in your absolute best.


We decided to start onlinemoneyseekers.com to help people like you to make the right decision. Our goal here is to Share with how to make money online, how we make money online and help you avoid scam. I hope you find our website helpful. Thank you Josh